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Do you need help with strange occurrences in your home? Do you think your home may be haunted?

PSGH Conducts Paranormal Investigations Free of Charge
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PSGH is an all volunteer paranormal investigation and research organization, whose primary goal is to assist clients in identifying and understanding paranormal experiences. PSGH adheres to strict procedures and policies to promote successful investigations. All our investigators are fully trained in standard protocols and procedures. These procedures are in place to ensure that PSGH provides state of the art investigation techniques to their clients. A reliance on the basics allows us to document paranormal activity.

Do you know of a site that is haunted and would be available to investigate?

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PSGH is always on the lookout for sites to investigate. All investigations are conducted in a respectful manner. We are careful to always leave an investigation site the way we found it.

Before an investigation is conducted we ask the client whether they wish everything to remain confidential. If so, the data from the investigation is never shared with anyone other than the client. In special cases, PSGH may request that certain evidence be made available to the public. If granted permission by the client, PSGH will remove any client identifiable information within the evidence.

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Assistance and Referrals to other Paranormal Investigation Groups

Are you a member of another group that investigates the paranormal? Feel free to contact us and we'll help with what we can. We can also refer interested parties to other investigation groups.

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