Who is Puget Sound Ghost Hunters (PSGH)?

PSGH is a paranormal investigation organization. As such, our mission is to search for ways to document and understand paranormal events. When you call PSGH for an investigation or your home or business you get investigators with dedication and experience. We will asses your problem and schedule an investigation to document and indentify paranormal activity. As part of our investigation, we identify areas where normally ocuring sources are creating false paranormal activity.

The investigation lasts between 2 and 4 hours depending onthe size o the location and the nature of the activity being investigated. It may be necessary for PSGH to perform multiple site visits in order to document all relevant activity. At the end of the investigation the PSGH team will review al data collected, including audio and video recordings and identify any possible paranormal evidence. A client package will be presented containing copies of the evidence along with a written report of findings and recommendations for further action.

PSGH never charges for paranormal investigations. We work with our clients, scheduling and investigating to further understand the unknown. Information about your private home or business will NEVER appear on our website without your written permission.

We utilize a variety of equipment, drawing from mutliple disciplines and fields. The equipment includes EMF detectors, video and audio recorders, still cameras and temperature monitoring devices.

Image of test equipment

Here is a video created by PSGH founder Stephanie. The video covers images from 2008 when PSGH was founded through September 2013. Enjoy!

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