Interesting Evidence

This page shows individual pieces of evidence that show unexplained events that could be of a paranormal nature.

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golden wave in picture

Copper Aura?

Donna asked everyone whether they felt a vibration in the floor. No one else did. Steph immediately took a picture and this is what was caught. We believe that the spirit was trying to communicate with Donna through the titanium rod in her leg.

The Spunky Monkey Bar and Grill

This Bar and Grill has more spirits than the kind you drink.

The Rolling Flashlight

In this video a flashlight placed on a counter begins to roll by itself.

Exploding Chair

Here's an interesting audio clip from our 399th investigation where the chair that one of our investigators was sitting in behaves strangely. Parental guidance is advised since the excited investigators use some inappropriate language. The investigators comments are included below.

"This audio was taken at a private case. The chair I was sitting in, the leg was tugged and lifted up. The leg shattered in many pieces. I hit the floor so hard, I thought I broke my arm. It felt like someone slammed me to the hardwood floor without touching me. We found pieces of the chair 30 feet away. It exploded like shattered glass. When I was on my hands and knees, you can hear me speak softly. During this time, the story of the murder back in 1925 at this house, unfolded in my mind. I knew the true story then. I can't explain how it happen, but it did. There is strong language in this clip. I will never forget this private case. It was one of the best investigations that we ever been on."

"...the client later found piece's of the chair around the corner on the stairs leading to upstairs beside the front door. This was 30 feet away. No clue how the pieces got there. Like I said before, the chair I was sitting on, the leg exploded."

Scratch on Leg


One of our members seems to be targeted with scratches during investigations. Here is an example:

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