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Featured Investigations

Dumas Brothel (Butte, MT)

History: The Dumas Brothel was designed and built to be a brothel in 1890 and remained open until 1982, making it America's longest continuously operating brothel. In the early 1970's the building was placed on the National Register of Historic Places and listed as a working bordello. It is the last example of it's type of architecture (Victorian Brothel) still standing in the US.

Activity: Visitors often report hearing voices and the sound of walking and previous residents and visitors have reported seeing the apparition of a woman believed to be Miss Elenore Knott, a previous madam who died under mysterious circumstances.

Investigation: PSGH investigated the Brothel over a two night period in April 2012. Team members reported hearing voices and footsteps and feeling touched. View Report.

Brothel, exterior        Team photo from investigation

Haunted Hotspots

Wellington Train Accident.

History: In late February 1910, The Great Northern Railroad run from Spokane became trapped by a sudden blizzard at the Cascade Tunnel through Stevens Pass. After a grueling several days trying to dig out, many of the passengers disembarked and walked down the mountain to the nearest town, Wellington and took rooms. When the snow was suddenly replaced by rain, the snow that was held back by the snow shed above the tracks broke through and the avalanche took the trains with it as it quickly descended the mountain. with the town of Wellington directly in it’s path. The dead included 35 passengers and 58 railroad workers. The town was rebuilt and renamed but the memory of that disastrous day remained and in 1929 the remaining residences packed up and the town was abandoned. Although most of the structures are gone, the site can still be reached by hiking the Iron Goat Trail. Wellington is now a popular spot for ghost hunting.

Activity:  Visitors often report hearing voices and feeling of being watched. Paranormal investigation groups have recorded EVP (Electronic Voice Phenomena).

St Patrick Catholic Cemetery. - S 204th & Orilla Rd, Kent, WA

History: St Patrick cemetery was established in the 19th century and was part of St Anthony Parish. The cemetery is the resting place of several religious persons including brother & priest. In 1989 responsibilty to maintaining the cemetery was transfered to Gethsemene Cemetery in Federal Way, WA.

Activity: Visitors often report hearing voices and the sound of walking. At one grave site, visitors often feel an overwhelming sense of anger.

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