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PSGH is dedicated to helping other paranormal investigators develop protocols and methods. Please feel free to use any of our documents. All we ask is that you drop us a line and let us know what your found helpful.";

Forming a Ghost Hunting Group

Forming a Ghost Hunting Group Pt 1 Forming a Ghost Hunting Group Pt 2
Forming a Ghost Hunting Group Pt 3 Forming a Ghost Hunting Group Pt 4

Training Guides

How to Record EVP's The Client Interview
Orbs, How Can You Tell the Real from the Ordinary PSGH Training Manual

Experiments by Other Teams and Organizations

Orbs -- Midnite Walkers Paranormal Research Society
Infrasound -- Southwest Ghost Hunters Association
EMF Study -- National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences

Articles and Information

Protection Practices Glossary of Terms
Softer Side of Ghost Hunting List of Equipment

PSGH Forms

Protocols and Procedures Client Agreement
Team Application Client Interview
Client Package

PSGH Investigation Reports

Investigator Field Report Team Leader Report
Site Visit Report

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